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 EdgeCross-X is the ultimate fitness training system!  By using a mix of bodyweight, balance, and leverage,  EdgeCross-X specifically targets your core and all muscle groups simultaneously to give you the most incredible workout in the shortest amount of time!   It's a complete gym in 1 carrying bag!  This is your secret weapon to get you into the best shape of your life!  


Whether you are just starting out or an Olympic level athlete, the EdgeCross-X will help you get into the best shape of your life! 


EdgeCross-X Is  Being Called The Top Cutting-Edge Fitness Gear For 2020! By The L.A. Times

Used by Olympic level athletes and called "The 10-Minute Miracle" by Muscle & Fitness Magazine!  

EdgeCross-X is the most powerful home and portable gym you can buy!

Build Deep core muscles-Rapidly Build Strength-Improve Your Balance Speed and Agility-Increase Your Performance-get faster Results!


get the edge over Your Competition!


surpass all of your fitness goals!

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Pro hockey player P.k. subban of the new jersey devils


The main unit is the heart of the EdgeCross-X System. It allows you to put your body off balance.  

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The balance wheel can easily be incorporated into your exercise routine to give you an incredible ab and core shredding workout.  

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When you are ready to take your exercise routine to the next level, you can add our specially designed resistance bands. 

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“I’ve done many forms of exercises in my lifetime, from jogging, baseball, martial arts, hot yoga to the usual gym membership.  I used to spend more than an hour at the gym doing multiple exercises and never see results.  Also, I find myself frequently having to take turns with other gym colleagues to use a machine.   This was not too productive for my personal schedule as a physician.  So, when I found the EdgeCross-X Fitness System, it was an easy solution to my dilemma.   The EdgeCross-X gets me sweaty from the first minute I use it, as if someone is pouring water on me.  It stretches my upper and lower extremities, strengthens my core abdominal and back muscles and I feel extremely fit when I’m done.  I even feel as if I’ve just finished a gym routine containing weight lifting, stretching, and yoga combined; a sense of well-being and serenity.  The EdgeCross-X is a great addition to my routine as it gives me the freedom to exercise anywhere and at any time.  Being a physician, my motto has always been about proper food choices, proper sleep, exercise and your health will be preserved to last you a lifetime.”

Aleix Maximus Bazzi, MD, FACP, FACR

Board Certified Aesthetic Medicine, Internal Medicine and Rheumatology

Dr. Aleix Bazzi MD.

"It challenges me like no other piece of fitness equipment out on the market. It is challenging even for the fittest individuals. I use it to supplement my workouts and add variety to my exercise routines. It tests my true strength, as well as my creativity. There is so much you can do with the EdgeCross-X."

Gerardo, B.S. Exercise Physiology, American College of Sports Medicine CPT

Finally A Home Gym That Works!

I bought this because I need something challenging to do during the C.V crisis. This device exceeded my expectations! I thought I would only maintain my fitness, but using the Edge-Cross had made me fitter and stronger. The first weeks using it was drenech in sweat and whole body shaking. Now, I'm getting better at it, but I made it more difficult with accesories. Still a challenge and great workout.

Stop wasting you money and time buying useless home gym that don't work. If you want REAL results get this.

Jack Y

"The EdgeCross-X is a unique product adding new elements into my yoga practice. I enjoy finding new creativity, balance, and elongation immediately and naturally as I use the EdgeCross-X."

Lauren Cole, Aerial Yoga / Prenatal Yoga Teacher

Big Time Core Workout!

Another unique product! Great for entire body! Big time core workout!

The Trainer

"The EdgeCross-X is the most impressive piece of work out gear I've ever seen, looking forward to getting them in the gym."

Marin, Owner, Agoura Boxing and Fitness

Customer server is absolutely exceptional.

I ordered the product on Tuesday, 08/20/2019 and had noticed that the status for UPS continually showed shipped. I called EdgeCross-X customer service, and was pleasantly surprised that the owner and inventor of the device answered the phone. I had a few questions about the product and basically how it worked. Steven was more than willing to spend time with me on the phone to explain the different uses. That in itself was beyond normal customer service. I then asked if he could possibly track my shipping since I had no updates. He not only tracked shipment, but called me back multiple times with updates. There was apparently a small snafu (which I wasn't even worried about) since I wasn't even expecting the shipment until next week. Not only did Steve apologize profusely, but ensured that it was shipped correctly and I should receive shipment next week. I found that this was customer service at it's best, and I'm certain that the product will live up to all the accolades I've read about it. Thank's Steve

Bradley Rice

Great Quality!!!

I'm 5' 11", 202 lbs., male, with pot belly at 42 inches. I ordered the EdgeCross-X Elite, with all the accessories on Nov. 08, 2019 and received it on Nov 19, 2019, that's was quick service! Each item was made with high commercial grade quality! I have only one minor suggestion, the waist belt needs to be 4 inches longer for individuals with waist more that 40 inches, the belt I received is only 40 inches long. When I attached the resistance bands to the belt and wrist/ankle straps, the belt Velcro does not maintain closure and eventually pops open while doing repetitive movements. I'm sure that I will be able to wear the belt after losing a couple of inches in my waist. I would like to give another review after 3 months of using the EdgeCross-Elite. I will contact the seller about my suggestion about the longer belt.


Buy This Product!!

Purchased this product and I have to say it's a great idea, good functional, solid piece of equipment very well made, exceptional costumer service, Steve took care of a little hiccup when I placed the ordered in an honorable way, I highly recommend buying this equipment for its functionality and intended use, and you can buy with confidence knowing that this company and its owners are honest and attentive to costumers.


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